I appreciate you taking the time to review my skills and past experience as a graphic artist.

I have been a designer for over 10 years. During that time, I have developed my skills in a wide range of disciplines, as well as honing my computer graphics skills to a fine edge, essentially turning myself into a jack-of-all-trades, master of some.

Scrolling down this page will give you access to my portfolio, allow you to download a copy of my résumé and you'll find my contact information at the bottom of the page.

Thank you, and enjoy...

Portfolio Section

There is no better way to impress you of the quality and range of my creative skills than to show you some of my past projects.

This portfolio contains some prime examples of my work and has been divided into three general design disciplines, with more specifically defined skill sets listed beneath each category.

Clicking on the general headings will give you a brief introduction to that section, or you can skip the preamble and select the expertise you are most interested in viewing.

Contact Information

Bill Cary can be reached via:


e-mail: bill@carydesigns.com


phone: 702.448.7603


text message: 702.465.0226

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